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Organizing   Committee

General   Chairs


Hongying   Meng                            Tao Lei

Brunel University London           Shaanxi University of

                                                 Science and Technology

TPC Chairs


Maozhen Li                                     Kenli Li                                 Xiong Ning

Brunel University London                 Hunan University                  Malardalen University

Organizing   Chairs

Haiyan Wang                            Zhongdong Wu

Shaanxi University of             Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Science and Technology

Finance   Chairs 


Wei Tang                                    Yunbo Gao

Shaanxi University of               Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Science and Technology

Tutorial chairs 


Kofi Appiah                                Tong Chen

York University                      Southwest University

Registration   Chairs 


Yuchao Dai                              Kaibing Zhang

Northwestern                Xi’an Polytechnical University

      Polytechnical University

Publication Chairs


Guoqing Xiao                               Liming Chen

University of Waterloo                Ecole Centrale De Lyon

Publicity   Chairs


 Xianye Ben                               Asoke K. Nandi

Shandong University              Brunel University London